Powder Magazine Week @ Jackson Hole, WY

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This last week I packed the Subaru with all my shred essentials. Grabbed a few friends, including the love of my life, Iris, who I only get to see a handful times throughout the winter due to our crazy hectic traveling schedules. Our destination was one to be reckon with, one of the most beautiful places in the world, and home to some of the best shredding on planet earth. Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Geewiz, what a place!

My purpose for the trip was to go and ski. Easy! Powder Magazine holds a yearly event for ski manufacturers to come ski,show, and tell about next years product in hopes for an editors pick in next years buyers guide. It’s a pretty big deal if you don’t know.

Anyway, I went out there to represent Lib-Tech NAS, who generously put me up in a 5 star hotel. An Onsen, spa, food and beverage, a little trap door you could swim through to the outside pool with water falls. Top-Notch stuff. Snake River Lodge if you want a quality experience for lodging in Teton Village.

I ended up skiing with some really awesome dudes out there. Editors for Powder Mag, the guys you want to know if your seeking a photo to be published. I also caught up with their videographer for a lap to shoot some film for the online edit of the event. Combined with that and our POV footage, Lib-Tech NAS was the only ski company to receive listed exposure from the event. As well as Colby and I being the only athletes to receive listed exposure from the event. We straight killed it!

Check out the edit and report back. I will have more for you from Revelstoke BC here in a few days.

Tailgate BC here we come.

Powder Week Video

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