Things I’ve Learned: Get to know Luke Van Valin, “the voice of freeskiing”

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It is amazing to see what this young man has already done, and I am anxious to see to what extent he takes it. Thanks for inspiring me, thank you for getting me my first sponsor, thanks for encouraging me to move to Tahoe and pursue the mountains, thanks for the trips to foreign countries, thanks for the laughs, and thank you for being such a great friend. Stoked on your accomplishments. September 13th, 2013 by Henrik Lampert Luke Van Valin is a go-getter. Whether he’s shredding endless backflips on skis, bowfishing for massive carp or shaving intricate patterns into his chest...

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3 days in the backcountry with Benny Schmitt

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Here is a quick edit from 3 day of filming in the backcountry.  The footage is from Smith Optics Prospecting Idaho right outside of Sun Valley, and two days in the Sierra Nevada. Filmed and edited by Martin Rubio @ Painted Visuals. Thank you for the unquestioned support.  Big ups to Lib Tech NAS, Smith Optics and Helmets, Dalbello, Dakine, Sierra At Tahoe, and BCA. You guys rock!  Thanks for watching. Enjoy!

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Lake Tahoe Backcountry Festival

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 This last saturday my friend Ty hosted the Lake Tahoe Backcountry Festival.  He asked me if I would present a slide show and share my experiences of skiing in the BC around the world.  It was a bit nerve racking with 60+ spectators looking and listening on,  all the lights off and a spot light on me.  Quite fun as well.  The turnout was great, and I want to thank everyone who came and supported the event.  The whole purpose was to raise awareness on traveling safe in the backcountry, raise money for Sierra Avalanche Center, and raise hell and party.  Over 100 people showed up to...

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Chamonix Mont. Blanc

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Who said the French are …   Just recently I flew over the pond to Chamonix, France.  It’s a one of a kind place, and if you’ve ever been, you most likely can relate.  The moment you enter that valley, it feels as if you enter a different realm.  The mountains best described, would be similar to those you draw as a kid.  Sharp. Scary Steep! It’s powerful there.  A lot of energy circulates in and around it.   The locals are as much a part of the mountains, as the mountains are a part of them.  They take pride in the activities and tasks it requires to live in...

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2012-13 Winter Schedule

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2012-2013-winter season Once again I want to apologize for not having any recent blog posts.  Last season was one for the books, and I believe the entire ski industry can relate with me on that.  Snowfall was meager to none in the lower 48, and in turn, it had a drastic effect on sales, budgets, and the approach to the season ahead.  Nonetheless, I was still able to travel to find snow, and managed to get some really nice footage and still photos, as well as meet new connections and friends that will last a lifetime.  Anyway, I have finally figured out my tentative schedule depending on...

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First Shot in Powder magazine

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Powder Magazines Photo Annual, January 2013 issue.  Buy One! Big thanks to Lib-Tech NAS for all the support and family type orientation that goes into the program.  Try a pair, you wont be disappointed.  Even old guys love them!  As well as big thanks to Tal Roberts, the man behind the lens for capturing this moment frozen in time, and to Smith Optics (Gabe Schroder) for bringing me out to Prospecting Idaho so I was able to snag one.  Grabbing blunt on a five into deep powder off a very large jump. Thanks again to everyone involved, I really appreciate the support.

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