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Kiroro Snow World

Posted by on Mar 29, 2016 in Blog | 271 comments

Japan and more specifically the north island of Japan, Hokkaido, is hands down my favorite place to ski to date. Trumping all other snow-destinations, I have traveled, Hokkaido, at times makes me feel like I am on another planet. My home for the extent of my five-week stay was a little resort called Kiroro. Referred, by the locals as “snow world” and locally branded with the motto, “five stars by nature”. Derived from personal experience, all I can say is that Kiroro falls anything but, short of excellence. This was my third trip to Japan; indubitably the best experience I have had...

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Japowder Seeker

Posted by on Sep 16, 2015 in Blog | 7 comments

Japan: the land of the rising sun. Although… I didn’t find it to be those exact words; I saw the red sun a mere two-times in my three-week stent. Japan, to me was a living snow-globe. Everyday a changing environment and with it, came hidden stashes, reminding me of the reasons I continue to chase snow for a living. Not only was I expecting a “Nuclear-Winter” (due to previous travel four-years prior), but it’s what my soul needed for the historically low snow-pack and most definitely, the lack of deep snow in my life. I need it. It feeds me and keeps me in a...

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Terminal Cancer Ruby Mountains 2015

Posted by on Jan 22, 2015 in Blog | 18 comments

Terminal cancer is a disease that cannot be cured, a progressive illness that usually indicates the most surreal event to occur in life: death. Terminal, in most cases is defined as the end; a limited amount of time left in the present. An individual diagnosed with something ‘terminal’ can undergo many states of life in a single moment. States of emotion, extreme depression, and in some cases states of euphoria. In my case, Terminal Cancer represents change, euphoria, wild emotions, and plenty of outlandish imagery. It represents letting go of fear; and living in the moment. Terminal...

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The Oregon Outback

Posted by on Apr 29, 2014 in Blog | 25 comments

At moments notice… I received a phone call from my friend Josh Daiek aka.  Baby J.  We had been talking about meeting up for an adventurous ski mission for some time now. Due to both of our hectic travel schedules and Josh’s recent injury, it was looking like we were going to have to delay our plans once again. Although, I could tell in the tone of Josh’s voice that his calcaneus injury had some-what healed; it was time to put the pain aside and go for it. He then asked me to load up our sleds, bikes, skis, and parachute (josh’s); we could turbo diesel our way up to Oregon...

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Freeskier Magazine Freeskier Fest 2014 Aspen

Posted by on Mar 14, 2014 in Blog | 1 comment

    …I’m driving away from Jackson Hole, WY, my mind running a million miles per hour wondering what is in store this next week. I am thinking to myself, “ man, this drive is a real doozy”. Driving over 12 hours across the Western part of the United States and we still have to cross the most mountainous state of Nevada.” In a race against time, I look up and finally above the dashboard, I see the familiar blue essence of  Lake Tahoe.   The next six hours I am in a state of confusion, mixed with delusion and a bag of ski clothes that really need an extra  rinse...

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